Exhibits and Presentations of German Colonial Material - Philately and Postal History
Exhibit or Presentation TitleExhibitor / Presenter NameDate of Exhibit or Presentation
Evolution of the German Post Offices in ChinaJerry MillerNovember 2017
Evolution of Via Siberia Mail 1897-1945Jerry MillerNovember 2017
German Intervention in ChinaJerry MillerNovember 2017
German New GuineaJerry MillerNovember 2017
Shanghai Post Office EvolutionJerry MillerNovember 2017
Rogue Forgeries of German Colonies StampsMarcel ZollingerAPS StampShow 2011
Carolinas to KarolinenPaul LarsenAPS StampShow 2011
The Amateur CollectorOliver WyrtkiAPS StampShow 2010

Allied Occupation of German East Africa

in World War I

Regis HoffmanAPS StampShow 2009
 The S.M.S. Vineta Visits New Orleans: A Story about a Banquet, a Birthday and a Provisional Issue
Tom BernardAPS StampShow 2009