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28 December 2018

​Dear Members and Friends of the German Colonies Collectors Group,                    

First, I would like to wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year to come.  I certainly wish that for our new endeavor, a re-energized GCCG and a publication and website that help you get the most out of our shared hobby. 

Since you last heard from me, we had a very successful meeting in Columbus at APS StampShow! Fourteen very enthusiastic and eager members were present as I presented the current state of our group and thoughts on the future. 

With that of course, we need volunteers to run the group, and many hands makes light work.  We had numerous members sign up to help, though we are still looking for a liaison with the ArGe and
G&CPS, someone to run a Facebook page, someone to manage and recruit advertisers and above all more writers, columnists and authors to provide content.  If someone would like to volunteer for those tasks, please let me know.  And we have Melanie donating her skills to run the website.

The future holds a semi-annual printed edition of the Vorläufer which will arrive in June and December, additional on-line material on quarters opposite the Vorläufer is sent, and an overall expanded web presence. The Vorläufer will include the regular favorites, plus I would like to add and expanded the question and answers/ ”What is it?” portion, and add a beginner orientation column.  I will also invite our German and British fellow societies to promote themselves in the spirit of “more is better” and forging ties with others of similar interests.  I have found that many of us are sitting on items that no longer have a place in our collections but might fit nicely in someone else’s. With that in mind, I would like to add a trading/ad-let portion for collectors to find/sell/trade material, to include helping us connect with dealers.

I have currently adjusted the dues to purely the expenses of postage and the website as they currently stand.  I expect them to increase by a few dollars in the future, but by then you will see the great value of keeping this enterprise going.

I encourage you to fill out an
adlet for the upcoming edition of the VORLÄUFER.  Please keep it to under 30 words.  We will use your contact information as written on the membership renewal form. If you are interested in becoming a new member, please fill out the same form. I also highly encourage you to share your email address with the membership. I am looking forward to hearing from every one of you…by 31 March!  And send me all your ideas, questions and articles too! 

All the best,

P.S.  I will run all GCCG business out of the Gmail account (germancoloniescollectorsgroup@gmail.com). You can contact me personally at okeeper@hotmail.com.                                                     


Open Letter to GCCG Members and Friends