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28 June 2018

Dear Members of the German Colonies Collectors Group,                                                             

First, thank you for all your help and contributions in keeping the Vorläufer alive the past few years.  Unfortunately, due to a combination of events, I will have to suspend publication until I can find a new editor for the journal and a new treasurer for the group.  Dan has stepped-down as editor, but will guide me as I transition to a new editor, probably myself.  We are in his debt for carrying us this far. The shortage of original articles has been a frustration over the last few years as the number of contributors has decreased significantly.  Additionally, the current financial statements must be closed out and re-established on a firmer footing.  I will work with Lavar to do so, and will again take over dues and membership until we find a new treasurer.  From this point forward, please address all issues (dues, addresses, distribution, membership, etc.) to me at Please put “GCCG” in the subject line so it will not go to junk mail.

Unfortunately, this all requires time, which I have very little to spare.  I am attempting to scale down my business, but with that and existing family obligations, I have little time to work on my collection or writing.  Such is the time of my life, though I do not want to let the Vorläufer die.  It will just have to take a short sabbatical until I can get it reorganized and efficient enough so I can keep it going with the time I have.

The initial plan is to take a one-year break (2018) and plan for the first issue in March/May 2019.  I am leaning toward two issues per year (with the dues reduced accordingly) and sending them in the opposite quarters as the “Berichte”, probably June and December.  If you have sent dues to our outgoing Treasurer Lavar Taylor, I will credit you for 2019.  Please let me know, and I will square accounts with him when I visit him.

Currently it costs $5-$6 to print a 36-page issue.  It costs about $2 to mail it in the US, $3.12 to Canada and about $6 to the rest of the world. If we go to two issues per year, that would be dues of $16 for US members, $18 for Canadian members, and $24 for overseas members.  We could supplement the two issues with on-line material.  One of the projects this year is to get this website moving forward with the gracious help of
Melanie Rogers.  Thanks Melanie!

I will be hosting a meeting at 11am on Saturday, August 11, at
APS StampShow in Columbus, Ohio (check the show program for location).  First, Lou Pataki will talk about the Shantung Railway under German Administration from 1900-1914, and then I will take the floor to discuss the future of the group. Hopefully this discussion will provide fresh ideas and commitments that we can take into the future. I have a variety of ideas to present on how to reorganize and improve the GCCG.

Again, thank you for all your help, and I look forward to your continued support as I reorganize.  I will keep you posted as I get nearer to charting a new course. 

Best regards,

Oliver Wyrtki


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