Jaluit Typhoon Provisional, 17 April 1900

Exhibits & Presentations

Jaluit Typhoon Provisional, 17 April 1900

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Mecklenburghaus & Litsun, Kiautschou, 11 April 1909

Allied Occupation of German East Africa, WWI

Regis Hoffman, 2009

The Amateur Collector

Oliver Wyrtki, 2010

Spanish Carolinas to German Karolinen

Paul A. Larsen, 2011

'Bickerdike' Experimental Machine Postmarks on Mail to the German Colonies

Jerry H. Miller, 2007

German Colonial Postal Markings

Alfred F. Kugel, 2007

German Intervention in China

Jerry H. Miller

The Evolution of the German Post Offices in New Guinea 1888-1914

Jerry H. Miller

German Postal Agencies in Morocco

Larry Gardner

Rogue Forgeries of German Colonies

Marcel Zollinger, 2011

Use of German Date Stamps During Allied Occupation 1914 to 1918

Gernot Reiners, 2008

SMS Vineta Visits New Orleans

Why Collect German Colonies

John Kevin Doyle, 2006